In Proper Context

This comes from my heart to yours.
Judging only from my previous posts, I couldn’t blame you if it made you start looking at your life and your current situation and comparing the two. That isn’t what I’m here for. Truth is, that’s exactly what I do when I see other people’s posts too. We question our own position and jeopardize our own happiness just because it seems like someone else’s life is better than ours. The thing is that we’re never shown the whole picture and we’ll never have a clue. Like J.Cole has said (yes, I’m a fan) in ‘Love Yourz’ there really is no such thing as a life that’s better than yours. That sentence resonates with me so much;I know personally, that though I’ve gone through a lot of struggles which challenged me completely as a person and in ways I would’ve never prepared for, it could’ve gone a lot worse and I wouldn’t have the strength and perspective that I do have now had they not happened.
Through my blog, I want whoever comes across this section, to read the words in that sentence and truly believe it because it’s the truth. There’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours. There will be things that I have (or anyone else for that matter) and you don’t but equally, there will be things you do have that I and others don’t. In the end, it comes down to perspective. Give yourself credit where credit is due and have the understanding  that we’re not all headed in the same direction nor at the same speed. You need not to be so harsh on yourself. Don’t forget to thank God for the things that you DO have and I hope you have enough faith to trust that your life is exactly where it should be right now. Work hard with a lot of patience. Remember that the things that make me happy might not do the same for you. At the end of the day, your main concern should be that YOU’RE happy with YOU. We become ungrateful of our own blessings because we are constantly fed lies.  (Trust me, I’m still learning these too).
In all honestly, and as bluntly as I could put it: I am still a victim too. But, I’m deciding to share my thoughts and experiences not to be a part of the problem that we see at every turn but to overcome the fear of being judged and put myself in an uncomfortable position in order to shed some light in a subject which I feel affects the most of us. It has certainly done so to me and it still does. Right now, just like everybody else is, I am a work in progress. Yet, just like you, I’ve come far from where I used to be.
In today’s society especially when it comes to social media, it’s very easy to portray what you choose to. We all need to realize that it takes a mere second to take a picture. It’s easy to stunt. It’s easy to be a victim of this whole boastful, pretentious society. Don’t get me wrong at all, like I said, we’re still in the exact same place and though it may be in a different context, I want you to see it in proper context.

Rochette | RochettEscapes


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