Verona: More than Romeo & Juliet

Verona is well-known for Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ hence it is also referred to as the City of Love. Millions of tourists visit the City  every year to see Juliet’s house (myself included). However, upon visiting, I believe the City is more than just that.


Though I didn’t feel the need to go inside, I wrote on Juliet’s wall and posed next to the bronze sculpture but I’ve read people rub on her right breast for luck while they’re at it too. I think I should  hope for mine in a different way though since I’ve passed on that opportunity (only because I was unaware and judging from the picture, I’d probably look awkward and perverse trying to reach ‘it’ with difficulty. LOL).

Anyway, moving on from the obvious reason to visit Verona, there are a lot of other things I enjoyed.


Visiting Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore was one of them and I thought it’s one that’s pretty underrated. There were only a few other visitors and most times it felt exclusive to us due to this. I’d say this added to the experience. Also, I believe the entrance fee was only 2.50 Euros! Seeing the beautiful design, inner courtyard and a few moments of peace and silence, I think it’s safe to say that that’s money well spent.


Sitting by the river with Ponte Scaligero as a backdrop whilst surrounded by buildings full of character and walkways paved with roses and trees is something that definitely lives up to it being referred to as the City of Love. There is not one thing that makes it this way but instead a combination of all these little things that make up a unique and delightful aura; you just cannot put your finger on it.

Of course, Ponte Scaligero isn’t only there for distant viewing but for closer exploration too and its an experience not to be missed.20160912_172223



It looks awesome at night too.


Now to the last (for now) but not the least, let’s talk about the centre: Piazza Bra.
It provides the perfect atmosphere for dining outdoors, shopping or simply sitting on a bench at the small park in the middle of it all. You really get to soak in the life and atmosphere of Verona from here.



Piazza delle Erbe is also amazing and at the time there was a formal dinner being prepared right in the middle with live music for entertainment.

Verona is a definite place to go back to.
People were friendly, it felt safe and the atmosphere was the most inviting.

If you saw my previous post, you’d have noticed my outfit is the same. We did all the exploring coming straight from Lake Garda just after we’d dropped our bags and freshened up.

A good idea for a day trip, maybe?

Venice to follow but for now,

RochettEscapes xo

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