Real Wealth

I take life for granted. That’s a fact not only for me but for a lot of us. When everything seems fine, we forget and completely fail to realize just how vulnerable we truly are. We think we’re unstoppable and nothing else matters but the worldly and materialistic things we endlessly seek on a daily basis. But, that’s until life gives you a reminder; a moment to pause and ponder.
Though it’s not life threatening (I hope), I was given mine today and other days in every month: some worse than others. There’s something about losing control of your body and no longer caring how you looked because the pain becomes unbearable. There’s something about finding comfort next to a toilet seat or the toilet floor and no longer feeling disgust. There’s some things and moments that reminds us life is deeper than the clothes we wear or the places we visit because if you’re not wealthy in health then what purpose can they serve for you?
I guess what I’m trying to get at is that you shouldn’t lose track of what’s really important in the end.
This post was to be on health being the real wealth but sitting for hours and having had to take myself to the hospital reminded me of how important it is to cherish and grow relationships. As I looked around me, it was hard not to be overwhelmed as I catch a glimpse of proof there is love. And that there is a bigger picture. There are people who hurt with you. There are people who worry and care for you.
I understand there are some illnesses we catch without any blame for but if you can prevent it, it’s better than cure.

Take care out there.

Rochette | RochettEscapes

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