A peek into Venice|Stopover in Venice

This post is long overdue. I’m sorry! If you’ve read Real Wealth, you’ll have a bit of a clue on (partly) why. I’ve had endless nights and  have been exhausted from work. Also, let me be honest, every time I try to write this post, I get distracted by my wanderlust, start trying to book a flight to visit again, fall asleep in exhaustion, repeat…but finally here I am.

Anyway, let’s get to it before I fall into the same cycle again (just about hopped off it this time around. sigh).

Remember I said in the beginning that this trip was ambitious? Yeah, that was probably even a little bit of an understatement. Our trip, or more accurately so stopover in Venice was proof of this. We were in Venice for mere hours:just a peek, a beautiful dream.
We were headed from Verona on a direct train (I think) but we managed to somehow miss our train and get on a wrong one (right direction but wasn’t ours: the ticket inspector said so. woops). We had to book for another, wait for some time and yeah I think you get the point. I feel stressed just thinking back to this journey.Lol. I don’t want to remember.

It seemed more appropriate to get a train back to Milan instead but a glimpse of  the no-road-having-Venice was to be more than worth it. Yes. That fact had my mind blown. Reading about it had me like :O and a bit confused to be honest :’) Pardon me. *Tries to justify why this is what I really needed to see for myself* I mean, I understand water transport. London has River Thames. But, Venice literally only has Canals.No roads, no cars. no…okay I’ll stop. I’m sure I sound stupid now. Just know that amazed me. 

Forget that happened, okay? Moving on…

When we finally got to Venezia Santa Lucia,  we dropped our suitcases and got our water bus tickets sorted to do some rushed exploring with the little time we had so of course, our stop was San Marco (Vaporetto Line 2).


I haven’t seen much of it but what I have seen was beautiful. I’m planning a longer (actual) trip this year.
I hope Carnival was enjoyable for those who had the chance of being a part of it.

RochettEscapes xo

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