Mixed feelings on Marrakech/ Good Experiences

I started off with the bad experiences just to get it out of the way and show a non-biased review of Marrakech. But, now we’re off to the important part which far outweighs the few instances I’ve previously mentioned and should mean you’ll find yourself there sooner or later.

After the initial ‘shock’, we tried our luck to search for Jemaa el- Fnaa ourselves but instead, we stumbled upon  Le Jardin Secret which was a gem especially in such a City: you can sit down simply to relax and take in the architecture and feel that bit more connected with nature having the birds singing and water flowing in the background while being surrounded by exotic plants. Here, you’ll find peace and feel recuperated to face the souks again. Furthermore, it had a lot more to offer than what we chose to experience so I’d say check it out for yourself. Also, for only 50 MAD, it’s quite the bargain. No losses here, just gains.

IMG_7321 (2)IMG_7315.JPGIMG_7296IMG_7277IMG_7254IMG_7265IMG_7247.JPGIMG_7252.JPGIMG_7312.JPGIMG_7272.JPGIMG_7292.JPGIMG_7302.JPGIMG_7303.JPGIMG_7304.JPG

Oh, and there was a stand opposite which sold really sweet oranges for 7 MAD (something we didn’t find in the busier areas both in price and sweetness. You’re welcome).

IMG_7317 (2).jpg
IMG_7316 (2)
We’d been up since 2am that day so with every little stroll out, we found ourselves back at the Riad which luckily for us, we can get back to in mere minutes. Also, it was a little piece of paradise which we didn’t mind being in.

We stayed at Riad R.K via booking.com which is small and has an intimate vibe. It was nicely decorated complete with a pool, seating areas and a rooftop terrace with sun loungers where you can spot the smokey square at night or even star gaze if not sun bathing during the day.
The staff members are generally very friendly especially a guy named Brahim who, if you find yourself staying here, you’ll have the pleasure of dealing with.
Furthermore, they serve delicious breakfast.

Also, once you’ve booked through booking.com 5 times, you become a “Genius” booker which means you get 10% off select rooms plus other benefits. In this case, we got return transfers for free and the option to have early check-in/ late check out (by 2 hours).

At some point during our visit, we finally got to experience Jemaa el-Fnaa and what an experience it was. The whole place was full of life and strong personalities. I think it’s important to mention that if you go there with your guard so high up, you’re going to feel the discomfort you set yourself up to feel. Go there with an open mind and loosen up. Everything starts being funny that way. It’s a fun environment but of course, having said that, stay cautious.

IMG_7329IMG_7332 (2)IMG_7341 (2)IMG_7348IMG_7352 (2)

Just to continue playing mum, don’t leave too late unless you’re comfortable with your directions as shops start to close and it becomes a challenge finding your way back. I made the mistake so you won’t. Again, you’re welcome. I got you.

Until next time,


Bslama xo



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